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I am never a good English speaker, but a good professional massage therapist.

・Certified massage and Shiatsu therapist, and lymphedema treatment therapist
・Member of Japanese Society for Lymphedema Therapy
・Member of Japan Anma Massage Shiatsu Masseur Association
・Member of Medical Lymph Drainage Association of Japan
・Graduate from Nihon Shiatsu College

Shiatsu massage, a Japanese healing method, good for stiff shoulder, lower back pain, headache, malaise of unknown cause, and more. Then, my massage nourish “Qi” energy.

Massage Menu

● 40-minute Massage 4,400 yen
For all
This massage is a full-body massage, starting from back through legs, then neck. You can take this massage with your own clothes on.

● 60-minutes Massage 7,700 yen
For all
This massage is a full-body massage, starting from back through legs, then neck.
Gently and carefully massage your back to help solute your problems. You can take this massage with your own clothes on.

● Massage for Swollen Legs / 80-minite   12,100 yen
Except pregnant woman, people with blood clots
This massage will to help to loosen up your lower body muscles and help to circulate your blood smoothly. This massage doesn’t use aroma oil.


Expecting mother will take the massages.
Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in mother’s body condition due to the hormonal changes. Prenatal massage will help to reduce stress, reduce swelling, loosen up muscle tension.
It could help to reduce the risk of cramp. Also improving blood circulation by massage may help to avoid  leg cramps.
This massage takes place with the position on-your-side. You don’t need undress for taking the massages.

Please have a consultation with your doctor to prior to prenatal massage.



● Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage
Person who has a symptom of lymphedema will take this massage.
First-time (120 minutes)   11,000
From the second time onwards 7,700~11,000

MLD is gentle type of skin massage not only improving lymphatic circulation and increasing tissue extensibility but also reducing risks of inflammation and any skin problems.
MLD massage could be taken by both primary and secondary lymphedema people.
For the first time, I will reserve 120 minutes include counseling time.

To give a lymphedema drainage massage, I need a letter of medical information.


What causes lymphedema?

There are two types of lymphedema, primary lymphedema and secondary lymphedema.
Secondary lymphedema causes removal to your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatments.
Therefore, MLD is also called post-surgery lymph massage.



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Only cash is acceptable.


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Make your reservations now by going through our online booking site (accessible below)or by simply giving me a call at (+81)080-9391-4901.



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13 minutes from Shinjuku Station by Keio Line.

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